The vision we have for St. Gabriel's is to be a church that is generous to others because God is so good to us. That is why we have alongside our logo 'making Jesus known today' as we want others to discover the experience of having a relationship with Jesus.  

To aid that we run from time to time a course simply called "GRACE".  This is an interactive look at the Christian Faith, exploring all the difficult questions that people have about God, as well as helping people to discover the amazing grace that is unique to the Christian faith.  Many people are searching for the spiritual in their lives and we believe that discovering a relationship with Jesus can be the most fulfilling experience that anyone can have.  Sadly, religion and at times the church, have put people off discovering the rich spirituality that can be found in Jesus. We believe in a powerful and loving God, who came to us through Jesus, to give us forgiveness, peace, guidance and a purpose for living.  Our aim is to try to help people to connect with that experience.

We also believe in being generous in other ways: including the children's work in the parish as well as encouraging people to serve outside the church in a wide variety of ways. For example we have for some years supported a local couple to work on the Mercy Ships - a charity that offers medical aid via a hospital ship in Africa and another couple who work with Asians in the city - offering advice, translation and so on.