Holiday Club



Each year we have a Children's Holiday Club.  In 2018 it was called "Team Builders" and the children made some fantastic craft.  We had a great time with nearly 50 children attending and were fantastically blessed by God with the weather, especially for "water day" and at the BBQ when we had lovely weather - just before it rained!  

Holly with the Olympic torch she carried.

Holly with the Olympic Torch she carried in 2012 with some of the children at the Holiday Club.

In the hall with a game with the tunnels.



     In the Hall with a "tunnel" game




Inside with the "Mobile Body Boards"

Inside with the `mobile boards`



The dates (provisionally) for 2019 are Monday 5th August - Friday 9th  August, 9.30am - 12noon.  BBQ on Thursday 8th August in the early evening.    Full details to follow.   We look forward to having a great time with all the children as usual.


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