'First' is a new service that is informal, flexible and designed for both children and adults.  

It starts with an emphasis for the children, singing some of their songs and watching a clip from a biblical story on DVD.  Prayers involve the children and sometimes there is a Baptism (illustrated).

The children then go out to another room for craft activity on the theme of the Bible story.

The adults then worship using a visual psalm, different prayers and then follow their own teaching which may be interactive or use drama.  The topics for the adults are chosen to try to relate the Christian faith to modern life and have included such things as "Forgiveness", "Science and Religion", "Asylum Seekers". The huge screen doors that separate the Church and Hall are open throughout and coffee, tea or juice are served during the service so that parents or others can sit 'out' if they wish to read a newspaper.


After first

At the end of the service the children come back into church bringing their craft work with them and then after a final hymn, we all go into the Hall to have drinks, croissants, fruit and other 'goodies'.


All are welcome at this service and we look forward to seeing you with us.