C- Zone game

C-Zone has stopped for a while after Pedr's retirement - look out for a new start after Christmas.

C-Zone is a special Children's service that takes place on the third Sunday of every month at 5.00pm.  It is for all children aged 4 - 10 and new children are always welcome.  We often have well over 30 children attending, creating a lively atmosphere.  

Each month we start with a warm-up activity while the children arrive followed by a couple of games - parachute games, Egg and Spoon, '4 Corners', balloon games for example.  For shy children there are always some quieter games available if needed.  After some refreshments we move from the Hall to the Church for the Bible story - normally on a DVD, a bit more teaching and then craft work on the theme of the story.  We end with a prayer or two and a lively song.  The whole service takes just one hour and is a mini-version of what the children enjoy at our annual Children's Holiday Club.  We use a variety of DVD material for the story part and relate the teaching and craft work to the Bible story in the DVD.

If you would like to know more, please speak to the vicar on 266 7686.