Here are one or two interesting articles that concern local people or events in Greystones.




Many people have questions about God, faith, the church, other religions and so on and would like to explore some answers.  To that end we run a course which we call GRACE, that really isn't a course at all, in the sense that there is a set structure.  The first session introduces God's grace which is about His generosity and then each week after that, the topic is chosen by those attending with no fixed set of topics that have to be covered.  The idea is that we look at the issues and questions that people have about God, the church, faith and so on and try to discover answers that ring true and mean something to us.


If you would like to jon us and ask some questions you would be most welcome.  We start probably on Tuesday January 9th at 8pm at St. Gabriel's Church - come to the main entrance and we use the Upper Room for this meeting.  If you would like more information please ring Pedr on 266 7686.

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